Men With Divine Purpose, Inc. - "Helping Boys to Become Men"

In August of 2006, Founder & Executive Director, Anthony "Tony" Jones started a non-profit organization, Men With Divine Purpose out of a local barbershop in Southeast Houston.  The fuel behind this organization was pure passion. The organization ran for fourteen months before receiving a determination letter from the IRS concerning tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) in October 30, 2007. Over the last few years, Mr. Jones witness many single-mothers bringing their son(s) in the barbershop for haircuts.  Many of the boys demonstrated low self-esteem & behavior problems and were missing positive male role models in their lives.  

In addition, the mothers would often ask to leave their sons in the barbershop, just to allow them to be in the company of male adults.  Unfortunately, the barbershop was not always the best hang-out for young boys, because of negative influences and adult conversations. Men with Divine Purpose started with four boys and quickly grew to fifteen boys in a matter of months.  Mr. Jones, implemented 4 key components in the program: Real Talk Mentoring, Character/Skills-Development, Community Service-Learning, and Recreation/Outdoors Fun. He believed these components would be essential with “Helping Boys to Become Men.” And to, accomplish his mission in supporting single–parents with positive male role models in their son’s lives. Mr. Jones and his mentors, would meet with the youth bi-weekly and make weekly phones calls to equip, educate, empower & encourage them. 

August 2010, Men with Divine Purpose started it's pilot school-based mentoring program at KIPP Spirit Middle school.  The partnership with KIPP allowed MWDP to work with many at-risk boys who needed personal, emotional, and social support from positive mature mentors.      

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to educate, equip, empower, and expand opportunities to boys from single-parent families through mentorship.

Our vision is that the youth will overcome personal, social, and emotional barriers, so that they may be responsible and productive leaders in their families and communities.   

Core Values "PRACTICE"


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