Men With Divine Purpose, Inc. - "Helping Boys to Become Men"
Anthony "Tony" Jones
Founder/Executive Director

My name is Tony Jones! Humility and grace from God, I am the Founder & Executive Director of Men with Divine Purpose, Inc. (MWDP) mentoring program.  I pride myself in equipping, educating, empowering and expanding opportunities for boys from single-parent homes.  MWDP has turned into a city wide movement to reach several young men since its 2006.

My humble beginnings happened unintentionally as a result of being raised in “South Park, Houston,” by a single mother who battled drug addiction.   Her dependence to drugs started when I was seven and by the age of ten, my mother’s drug addiction left us homeless, without an apartment and living in a shelter.  My siblings and I lived in the Star of Hope homeless shelter for more than two years.  While tragic, my childhood circumstances did not define me.  I was determined not to let my current situation be an excuse for settling for mediocrity.  Instead, it did the opposite.  I used my unfortunate conditions as motivation. That motivation would  propel me to future greatness.

I will forever be grateful for my experience at The Star of Hope.  It taught me to prioritize and the value of serving those less fortunate.  My adverse upbringing coupled with God's grace is what gave birth to Men with Divine Purpose. I firmly believe that God allowed me to experience difficulty as a youth to develop in me a heart for serving others. Young men from single parent homes are both my passion and purpose in life.   I wake up daily with an unwavering drive to support male youth in the community with similar personal, emotional, and social issues as the ones I experienced.  

I obtain an Master's degree in Human Services, Specialization in Marriage and Family and a Bachelor of Science, in Biblical Counseling.  My life can best be described by one of my favorite bible verses.  Philippians 1:12, written by the Apostle Paul while in prison states, "my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel." I believe that God has allowed me to go through for the purpose of bringing Him glory through serving His children.  

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