Men With Divine Purpose, Inc. - "Helping Boys to Become Men"
Our Team

Latoya Shields, BSW, MPA
Director of Operation

I am a graduate of THE Texas Southern University with a B.A. in Social Work and earned my M.P.A (Master of Public Administration) with a concentration in Non-Profit Management and Public Policy from the Barbara Jordan- Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.  As Director of Operation, I am primarily responsible for the oversight and management of the day-to-day operation, personnel and financial affairs, and ensuring development and growth of the organization. 

I began my work as an activist in the non-profit community over a decade ago.  I have an innate passion to create an environment of change for youth and families who are underserved, or in high-risk environments.  Because I was raised in a single parent home, I understand the importance of having a secondary source, such as a mentoring program, to equip fragile youth with the essential tools needed to become a positive, influential, and productive member of society. 

Regina Johnson
Program Administrator

I have always had a keen understanding of how important the future is for our children.  Unfortunately, single parents are raising most of these children, and while that does not determine how successful they will become, it plays a role in how they function in our society.  I understand the struggle simply because I am a single parent. 

Being a single parent is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Being involved in MWDP is about being a support system and a second family to the boys and families of the program.  Male youth are faced with various obstacles and life challenges.  MWDP provides an outlet for me to provide a supportive atmosphere that will foster growth; equip them with the essential tools needed to be productive; and be upstanding citizens in society.  I fully embrace and support  the mission and vision of MWDP, and vow to utilize my gifts, talents, and time to ensure the success of the organization.

Jerome Allen
Mentee Coordinator

At the tender age of 16, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor enter into my life.  His presence was truly an asset towards my future.  He gave me direction, support, and encouraged me to make wise and intelligent decisions that lingered throughout my life.  My experience as a mentee is the driving force to why I am an active part of MWDP.  Being on the other side of the fence as a mentor is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences that I have ever had.  Simply put, being a part of an organization like MWDP affords me to make a difference in a young man life, just as someone made a difference in mine.  

As the Mentee Coordinator for Men with Divine Purpose (MWDP) my role is to create and develop support networks for both the mentors and the mentees.  In addition, I assess and evaluate the interests, needs (academic, social, family, i.e), and attitude of the mentee in effort to make an appropriate match with the mentor. 

Reginald Vaughn
Mentor Coordinator

Being involved in a program such as MWDP is vital to the growth and development of young men in our society.  Statistics speak for themselves regarding the need for mentors to assist with helping young males from diverse background become men.  I myself saw value in MWDP after meeting the Program Founder Tony Jones 2008.  We discussed the program in detail and how the program focused on mentoring 8-16 year olds, that were primary from one parent households. Tony mentioned how the program stressed education, accountability, responsibility and all from a Christian standpoint. 

As a mentor, I greatly enjoy speaking to the young men of this program about the lessons I learned in life and helping them make decisions that will impact theirs. MWDP and programs like this are vital to preparing our young men to be the next generation of leaders and law-abiding citizens.  I will continue to invest my time, knowledge, and god given talents to assist in the Mission and young men whom are apart MWDP, as I see this program continuing to grow year by year, mentee by mentee.

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