Men With Divine Purpose, Inc. - "Helping Boys to Become Men"
Mentoring Program

The mentoring program seeks to improve the young man’s personal relationship with others, help plan his future, and improve school performance by pairing high-risk young men with mature Christian male adults.  MWDP takes an active interest in the youth and developing ongoing relationships built on trust.  Our mentoring program designed to help young men perform better in school, form healthy relationships with their peers, develop high self-esteem, and avoid involvement in risky behaviors (drugs, violence, and teen-pregnancy).  

Community Service-Learning Program

MWDP promotes an increased sense of well-being and better attitudes toward people, the future, and the community.  MWDP seeks to challenges the young men to use their interpersonal, creative, and/or physical skills to make substantive contributions to their communities.  The community learning service can assume many forms of serving, such as, assisting elderly to cleaning up public parks, or targeting hunger by participating in food drives.Through community service the boys develop self-confidence and see themselves as positive contributors to society.

Character/Skill Development Program

Our skill building programs provide informal education and enrichment activities that bolster academic skills and enrich the young men lives.  The overall goal is to teach young men to exercise their abilities to interact well with others, resist peer pressure, make responsible decisions, delay gratification, and think critically about media messages about sex, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.This program allows the boys to participate in activities that will develop transferable skills that will prepare them for the challenging world they will face.

Recreation & Outdoors Program

MWDP believes that all kids and youth should have fun and enjoy their youthfulness.  Because single parents do not often have the resources to sacrifice for different enjoyment and new adventures, MWDP seeks to expand the youth opportunities outside their communities.  This program allows the youth to travel and experience different opportunities that will broaden their desires to do positive and productive things in life after hard work. These activities may include educational field-trips, camping, fishing, boating, etc.

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