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Community and School-Based Mentoring

MWDP Community-Based Mentoring

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Men with Divine Purpose mentoring program that serve boys (ages 8-17) from single parent families. Our mission is to equip, educate, empower, and expand opportunities to boys with an absent parent in...

Men with Divine Purpose's community based mentoring program have “Real Talk” group mentoring sessions until we increase the number of mentors to execute one-on-one mentoring.  Group mentoring features one or more mentors working with several mentees at the same time. 

MWDP has been effective in reaching a large number of students with fewer mentors.  However, MWDP volunteers are committed to helping these young people become confident and productive citizens by equipping, empowering, educating, and expanding their opportunities in and out of their communities.

MWDP School-Based Mentoring

School is an important time and place for early intervention and prevention in the lives of young people. Mentoring in schools, or ‘school based’ mentoring, proactively supports young people at-risk of disengaging, leaving school early, or failing to achieve their potential. School based mentoring has the potential to assist young people with their personal development, guide them through critical transition phases, and engage them in further education, skill development opportunities and the workforce.

It is a particularly effective strategy to assist young people from vulnerable families or disadvantaged backgrounds. School based mentoring takes place at the mentees’ school either during school hours or immediately after. The primary focus is the development of a long-term supportive relationship.

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Men with Divine Purpose (MWDP), Inc. School-Based Mentoring
School-based mentoring at KIPP Middle School

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